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The Magic of Arrival Terminals

I am travelling a lot. Everywhere I go I always stop for a minute to watch people when they arrive and see their loved ones again. In all the terminals I see the same: a wide spectrum of positive emotions.

My latest flight was to Budapest to see my friends & family before the holidays. I landed and came out to the arrival terminal. I had some minutes again to watch people in the terminal, all waiting for someone. I don`t really think that at any other place you can meet so many different positive emotions that you can read from faces.

Love – is all around in the air in the arrival terminals. Everyone is waiting for someone with love who is very kind to their heart. You can see all the positive aura of people who are waiting to reunite with their loved ones.

Joy – the widest spectrum of joy you can recognize: from the gentle comfort to see someone again kind to your heart to the ecstatic bliss by the kids to see their father again or by the parents to see their child again.

Surprise – a clear sense of delight when someone brings you unexpected happiness. For example, when you arrive to the airport you don`t expect your love, friends, family to be there and wait for your arrival but they do. All the arrival terminals are full of balloons, flowers, “welcome home” tables for the sake of surprises.

Admiration – the feeling of warm respect, approval and the high appreciation for someone. When you did not see someone for long time you will admire him/her how good he/she looks, how good he/she did since you have not seen them.

Relief – when we contrast the comfort now with the recent dis-comfort we felt about something. When you have not seen someone for a long time and you feel relief when this period ends, and you can see and hug them again.

Hope – can bring happiness into an unhappy situation as we think about how things can only get better. This emotion to see is also quite common at arrivals, when the relationship is not the best, but people still hope that it can get better when they reunite. The faces are full of question marks.

The magic of arrival terminals is so good to watch and to be part of it when I travel, and my loved ones are waiting for me to arrive or when I am waiting for them to arrive.

It is good sometimes to stop for a second and watch these positive emotions, reunites in the arrival terminals.

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