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Is this Real? – My First Days in Lux

For sure you also remember when you arrived to Luxembourg, the first impressions, the first couple of weeks and attached feelings. I want to share my first impressions about my place of work, Luxembourg and its weather…

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Is this Real? This was the question I have repeated hundred times. Some days after I moved here, I was celebrating my 25th birthday (which is usually a big party in everybody`s life) I moved here completely alone. Luckily my friends organized a surprise party before I left Hungary where I was living before. It was hard to celebrate a birthday in a silent way. On this day, I have questioned several things around my moving.

Am I really going to work here?

On the weekend of moving, my beloved little brother helped me a lot. He helped me with the luggage, we discovered the city together, took the keys to my apartment, we checked together where I am going to work, which is in Contern outside of Luxembourg city.

When you say to someone that you are going to work in Luxembourg, it shines in the eyes: ahww how cool is this, the big city… the tax heaven… the financial center. I will never forget this day when I went with my brother to Contern, walking 2 km in the cold winter to get to the place I am going to work and having this total milky fog around. Well this is my workplace in the middle of nowhere Yayyyyy!!

Before that I had only skype interviews so have not really seen my place of work. But after every decision in life there is a magic of optimism, that whatever decision you made you still convince yourself right after that it was the right decision and you are trying to look only the positive side of it. I almost let the fog and cold to influence my impression about Luxembourg and working here. Today, I am really happy to work and live here.

Is the weather always so bad here?

My step father told me before I moved here that you should be prepared the weather is like in London there in Luxembourg. Yes, he was right. When it is not raining here that counts actually as good weather. And when there is sunshine that is super good weather already.

In my first 2 weeks I had lot of rains (used 3 umbrellas), lot of snow and ice-fall, needed to fight a lot with the elements 😊. Then slowly I realized I should look the bad weather from a different angle: No matter what the weather is, bring your own sunshine 😊.

All in all, I was lucky that I moved at the end of winter. I can imagine weather is more depressing for people moving before winter.

Why did I want to come here?

I remember that on the first Sunday we were walking in the city in the rain with my brother. Nobody were on the streets (which I know since then it is quite usual on a Sunday in Lux). My brother asked me: “Are you sure you want to live here? Will it work, will you like here?”

The thing I knew that for sure there is a reason I needed to move here and a reason behind my fearless motivation to come here. I have never been so excited about anything before. Well my brother knows me the best and he shouted exactly my inner voice. Do I want to live here, will it work? I did not want to force myself to stay here if it is not going to work well. But I wanted to give myself time to see how I like it here.

Funny to look back at these first weeks and feelings with workplace, Luxembourg and its weather….

Today I am basically in love with Luxembourg 😊

I am sure many of us had similar feelings when you arrived.

Thanks for reading,


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