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The Give Up List

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

There are things which are better to give up if you are willing to integrate and establish your social life abroad. If you give up on these things be sure that your life abroad will be way easier and much happier.

Let me share my give up list with you. I considered to make this post as I honestly think has much to do with the feelings after moving to another country and I also lived them through.

The photo was taken by me, The graffiti is by Banksy.
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Give Up Your Resistance to Change

When the change is caused by you, change is a good sign. Expect the change and the potential flow of other changes. One change opens the door to ten more. Sometimes with a moving there are so many changes in one bucket: workplace, new home, environment, weather, people around, language and culture. Don`t be afraid of all these around, normally it is for improving things, moving from A to B. Just follow the flow.

Give Up Your Need to Impress Others

When you are new in an environment in a natural way you want to impress others always and everywhere. Is it really the right thing to do? That is super tiring. Why not just be yourself? You should stop trying to be someone who you are not just to make others like you. Do you need friends who like the fake you? No. Forget about always impressing others, be yourself and people can get know your real personality.

Give Up the Self-limiting Beliefs

Already by your decision to leave your comfort zone you might have the feelings that certainly you can do something or you cannot. You should give up this belief: of judging your capability to do something or not, whether it is possible or not. My advice is to give up these judgments with yourself and always go for the YES. YES I can do, YES it is possible. This belief will push you to make it through. And from a try no one ever died 😊.

Give Up the Luxury of Criticism

Give up the need to always criticize something or someone. Events and people might be different than your ideal or your interest. Especially in an international environment it is extremely important not to criticize others. You never know what another person lived through and why he/she has a certain view. To give up criticizing people, you can help way more your integration and you can focus on your own life.

Give Up Your Excuses

Excuses we always have. Constant changes all around may demotivate you to participate in events, going out with someone and of course you find an excuse always. Give them up, try to really open your mind and take those invitations. You never know when you miss something because of your invented excuse.

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