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Short Report from Escher Kulturlaf

I have been always eager to run, but was not really brave enough to sign up for races. I was too much afraid that I am going to be very slow compared to others, maybe cannot even finish etc….

This was the way how I postponed from year to year to sing up for my first half marathon. But this year I signed up for the ING and managed to run 21 km for the very first time.

The whole atmosphere at the race made me kind of addicted to sign up for the next ones. And this is how I ended up to run this weekend the Escher Kulturlaf.

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The Escher Kulturlaf was organized yesterday, where runners could opt for 10 km or 10 miles. We were really really lucky with the weather: perfect 20 degrees with sunshine. I think it was even too hot for the best runners.

The run started under the captivating Blast Furnaces in Belval which makes the start and finish line a bit more special. It is called Kulturlaf because the way crosses cultural sites of the city and its industrial heritage (which is at some points really industrial).

It was very well organized. On the day before the runners could even profit from pasta party and after the run there was an After Kulturlaf Party where we did not stay but I really find it cool that it is organized.

It was a very nice run, I am happy that I did not miss.

Thanks to the organizers for the great sport event.

If you are motivated to sign up still this year for some races these are the upcoming:

Luxembourg Times Business Run – 20.09.2018 – 5 km

Steel-Run – 23.09.2018 – 10 km

ING Route du vin – 30.09.2018 - 21 km

Walfer Vollekslaf – 7.10.2018 – 12 km & 4.5 km

Luxembourg Run in the Dark – 14.11.2018 – 10 km & 5 km

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