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Top Summer Dining

Are you thinking about where to go next for a dinner on a cozy terrace in Luxembourg?

Here is a nice list from which you can try some still this summer.

Don`t forget to book a table.

1. Bistro Quai

Location: Grevenmacher

Address: 3 Route du Vin, 6794 Grevenmacher

A new restaurant with a beautiful terrace next to Moselle directly. Easy to park, there is also a playground next to the restaurant. They also offer special programs: Sunday brunches and quiz nights.

2. Owstellgeis

Location: Hostert

Address: 9 Rue de la Gare, 6985 Hostert

A cute restaurant with a very nice terrace next to the forest. You can really feel in the restaurant like time is stopped.

3. Um Plateau

Location: Luxembourg City

Address: 6 Plateau Altmünster, L-1123 Luxembourg

This restaurant has a real secret garden with such a delightful atmosphere. No doubt that this restaurant is among the top choices when it comes to a nice terrace. On top of the secret garden feeling the place is perfect for gin lovers with almost 50 different gins to try.

4. Pavillon Madeleine

Location: Kayl

Address: 30 Rue du Moulin, 3660 Kayl

Pavillon Madeleine is in the middle of a parc, has an open kitchen, premium quality food, no surprise as being one of the restaurants of Lea Linster, and very good wine selection. In the parc there is a playground nearby.

5. Jardin Gourmand

Location: Hesperange

Address: 432 route de Thionville, L-5886 Hesperange

The restaurant has a very nice terrace next to Alzette. The terrace is hidden at the back of the restaurant, which makes it more comfortable, there you cannot really feel that you are in the middle of Hesperange.

6. Christophe Petra Waissen Haff

Location: Sandweiler

Address: 30 Rue Principale, L-5240 Sandweiler

The restaurant is simply excellent with perfection in every details of food and service, its chef has a Michelin Star so not a co-incidence that food and service are superb. It is also nice to go there without the terrace being open, but in the summer luckily you can try to book a table on the terrace which makes the atmosphere more special.

7. Bei Den Zwillingen

Location: Schifflange

Address: Tennis Club House Schifflange rue Denis Netgen, L-3858 Schifflange

I could not miss this restaurant from the list. It is directly at the tennis courts in Schifflange and they have a cute little terrace. The visit of the restaurant can be well-combined with playing tennis before, then hunger is guaranteed.

8. Dimmi Si

Location: Niederkorn

Address: 132 Route de Bascharage, L-4513 Niederkorn

The terrace of Dimmi Si in Niederkorn is an all time favorite, the atmosphere is very pleasant and of course the Italian food is always more than satisfying.

There are still many cool places to try. Let me know if you have found a restaurant with a very cute terrace.

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