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How to Get the Residence Permission?

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The unemployment rate of the country is one of the best in the world, is at 5.6% in 2018. If you are a citizen of an EU country, there is no limitation, you have the right to work in Luxembourg under the EU`s freedom of movement provisions.

When you have found a job or a job found you, you got the offer and the contract is signed, the simple step that should be done is that you register at the appropriate authorities where you`ll be living and you will need to sign up for a residence permission, which is basically automatically granted when you have a working contract signed, located in Luxembourg.

I am coming from a country under EU, I can share my best practice only for EU citizens. If you are non-EU citizen, employers will need to find a way to seek an approval of the local labor or employment office in order to hire a non-EU citizen. So being a non-EU citizen be prepared that it won`t be an easy win for you. But here you can read the process if you are an EU-citizen.

Ideal Process of Residence Permission Request:

1, Apply for jobs

2, You need to sign first the work contract: this is for every single administrative thing, the first people will ask for, your work contract will be asked to move into a flat, to open a bank account in Luxembourg, to get your health insurance etc.

3, You need find an apartment (you can read another article about it later)

4, Sign your rental agreement

5, After you have a place to work and a place to live register yourself in Bierger Center (44, place Guillaume II / 2, rue Notre-Dame, L-2090 Luxembourg). You need to prove your place of residence, to get the residence permission. It should be done within 3 weeks after you have arrived in the country. Best to do on one of your first days (when you have organized everything in advance). Bring your work contract and rental contract of the place where you live

6, Only step left is to enjoy life in Luxembourg

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