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How to Find a Job in Luxembourg?

Only read the post if you are looking for tips how to find a job in Luxembourg or if you are bored with your current job and looking for a change in your career.

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First of all, I strongly suggest you search for job offers nowadays on LinkedIn. If you don`t have a LinkedIn profile, create yours and make it professional. I personally applied for 50 jobs on different sites, before I got contacted by a head hunter from Luxembourg via LinkedIn whether I am interested to move here for an open position. At the end that was the job offer I accepted and for which I moved here.

Most job offers are in the financial, banking, IT, legal sector. When you have experience in these sectors it is more likely that you find a job easier.

A very important thing that you need to know before start searching for a job is that in Luxembourg it is quite normal to speak 3-4 languages fluently and whenever you don`t speak all, you might have a disliked profile in the hiring process, reasoning is valid because collaboration is important with colleagues. Even if official language is English at many companies, it is considered as a disadvantage not to speak French or German as you cannot mingle with coworkers as much as expected.


You can search on these websites: 

A good advise is that with an international background, search for international jobs, with less language requirements. If you don`t speak perfectly 4 languages: Luxembourgish, English, German, French you will hardly get into a Luxembourgish company (for example Post, BIL or Luxair). But don`t worry because out of Luxembourg`s employees more than 40% are international people.

You can check who are the biggest employers here:

And a good advise is to try to check their own websites.

I personally always think that in case of bigger companies there is a higher number of rotation so most probably they have more job offers than the other smaller companies.

EU Institutions

After I met with many international people already, I can state that many international people with interest and experience in finance and politics have jobs in some EU institutions such as European Investment Bank (a LOT of people work here), European Commission or European Parliament.

Here you can find a full list of EU institutions to which you may apply:

The financial center of the city is in Kirchberg area, where you can find many international companies on one main street (JFK). Some big names, who most likely hire international people are Amazon, EY, Vodafone but a lot of companies have headquarters in Luxembourg due to the beneficial tax structure.

Job Fairs

If you like to attend job fairs there are 3 major in Luxembourg:


Unicareers is a fair with 2500 vacancies, 350 school are present, happening in September, ideal to search more for internships, fresh graduates.


Plug &Work is a fair happening in November each year, with 700 open positions, mainly in ICT sector, but also finance positions can be found.


MooviJobTour is the biggest recruitment fair in the greater region of Benelux, with 2500 positions and more than 500 training options happening every year in March.

To sum up to speak languages is key to find a job, biggest sectors are banking, financial sector, IT. Try it hard, for sure you can find one, the only rule is that you should not give up, if you really want it.

Thanks for reading,


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