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28 Things to Do in Lux - Part 2

I promised to share 28 things to do, strictly within Luxembourg borders, however during the lock-down situation I did not want to share things to do when we could and should not really do things. But now here we go, sharing with you the second part of this post.

#8 – Stand Up Paddling on Esch-sur-Sûre

What: Stand Up Paddling

Where: Insenborn Plage 2 (with your own paddle board you can get directly to water by car) or rent in Lutzhausen

When: spring-summer-autumn

This is my hidden gem. Back in Hungary we had a lake that everybody named as the Sea of Hungary because the country did not have one and in the summer everybody at least once went to this lake, Balaton to get fully loaded with energy. I tend to say these days that Esch-sur- Sûre, is the Sea of Luxembourg and I have exactly the same feeling as at Balaton, just this lake in Lux is way calmer and less crowded. Full of sun & energy and in case of good weather you just want to be there all the time. It is so nice just to get on your paddle board and paddle around the whole lake, or just sit on your paddle, relax and admire how the sun shines on the water. We have to benefit from every single sunshine in Lux, and there is no better way than paddling on the lake.

I have my own board, but if you don`t no worries under the below link you can find more info where to rent.

#9 – Hiking around Esch-sur-Sûre

What: hiking

Where: around the lake from any village

When: during the whole year

Hiking around the lake is almost as nice as paddling on the lake. Beautiful picturesque spots all around. You have to be prepared as all these trails are packed with nice up-hills.

2 trails of my favorites at the lake:

#10 – Kayak Tour on Sûre

What: Kayak trip

Where: Dillingen (start) – Echternach (finish)

When: from April until October any time

If you like to be near water, to chill on water and in the same time looking for a bit of adrenaline, this kayak tour is for you. Unlike other kayaking options nearby (such as in Belgium on Semois) this tour offers a bit more adventurous experience. The way on water is perfect combination of chilled parts and parts where water gets a bit fast, so you have to stay attentive while paddling. You can take the bus back from Echternach to your starting point, Dillingen.

#11 – Buggy Experience in Lux

What: Driving a buggy

Where: Altwies

When: any time (with pre-booking)

Have you ever admired next to Moselle the beautiful wine hills? Can you imagine to drive through those hills with a sporty powerful buggy for couple of hours? It is something that you can do and you definitely should. Super experience!

#12 – Vianden Small Getaway

What: hiking, castle tour, chairlift

Where: Vianden

When: during the whole year

For sure you will have a well spent wonderful day in Vianden on a nice sunny day. You can take the chairlift up to the hill, head to the castle, visit the castle and hike back down to the valley and close the day with a nice dinner in one of the good restaurants in Vianden.

#13 – Traumschleifen in Lux

What: hiking

Where: Manternach, Ahn, Schengen

When: during the whole year

Traumschleifen, dream loops are best-awarded hiking trails. While in Germany it would be mission impossible to hike all these awarded trails, in Lux you can easily challenge yourself and make one tour after the other and get done with all in couple of days as all together there are only 3 loops in Lux. I have shared two posts already about Manternach and Ahn, I will write in details about Schengen as well, I promise. Here you can find more details about these hiking trails:

#14 – Blues Express

What: summer concert festival in the forest

Where: Differdange, Fond-de-Gras

When: every year in July (not in 2020 due to COVID)

It is one of my favorite organized events in Luxembourg, unfortunately it is cancelled this year due to COVID. Little stages everywhere in the forest, live music all around, you can walk from one stage to the other, lots of people but not insanely crowded. If it is not enough you can hop on the old historical trains between Fond-de-Gras and Petange, as Fond-de-Gras was one of the most important mining center in Luxembourg.


In case you missed the first part of this post and want to read about other things to do in Lux, here you go:

Thanks for reading,


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