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28 Things to Do in Lux - Part 1

Why 28? Last week was my 28th birthday and I wanted to collect you 28 ideas what to do strictly within borders of Luxembourg. I am going to share this "to do list" in 4 parts during the next 4 weeks. Let`s see the first.

#1 Buergbrennen – Say Goodbye to the Winter

What: Winter Farewell

Where: different places

When: this weekend (29th February -1st March)

It is a very nice tradition in Luxembourg: normally a cross, castle or a tower is built out of wood and on the first Sunday of Lent (Christian tradition before Easter) this cross, tower, or castle is put on fire symbolizing an official winter farewell. It is organized in lots of villages in Luxembourg. You should prepare yourself to stand in the cold for couple of hours, but it is worth all the efforts.

#2 Run the ING Night Marathon

What: Run

Where: Lux City

When: 23rd May 2020

You are still in time to register for the marathon, half marathon or a team run. But even if you are not a runner, you don`t want to miss this day. It is a day to be in Lux and to cheer for the runners partying along the running path.

#3 Have a Drink in Sofitel`s SkyBar

What: Drink

Where: Sofitel Grand Ducal Luxembourg

When: anytime

If you want to have a beautiful panorama to the valley of Petruss while sipping a cocktail and chilling in a pleasant rooftop atmosphere or you want to impress a girl (as my boyfriend did on our 2nd date) this is the place to go in Luxembourg. Normally a reservation is not possible, you have to wait until a table gets free.

#4 Sunday Brunch at Come á la Maison

What: Brunch

Where: Lux City, Come a la maison

When: every Sunday, with reservation

If you are looking for the best Sunday brunch in Luxembourg, you don`t have to search further. It is at Come á la Maison, without any doubt. This brunch experience is a must have if you are living in Luxembourg.

#5 Walk Along Wenzelpfad in the City

What: Cultural & historic Walk

Where: Lux City

When: any time without guide, special walks with guides

While walking along the Wenzel tour, which is one of the UNESCO world heritages, you can learn a lot about Luxembourg`s history. The path is approximately 5 km long. It is an easy walk, takes 2-3 hours. This beautiful panorama walk is named after Wenzel II. the Grand Duke of Luxembourg in the 14th century. Perfect to show your friends & family around in Luxembourg.

#6 Jazz Concert in Philharmonie

What: Music

Where: Lux City, Philharmonie

When: during the whole year

Living in Luxembourg this is also one of the must have experiences. Philharmonie offers great variety of concerts and lets you to plan in time based on their yearly concert book. A nice dinner in Tempo Bar ou Manger, in a super restaurant which is in the building of Philharmonie, followed by a jazz concert makes you a beautiful evening.

#7 Sunset Run at Red Rocks in Schifflange

What: Run & Walk

Where: Schifflange

When: any time, best in spring & summer at sunset

Maybe I am just too obsessed with this place as I was living in Schifflange in the past years, but I truly think it is one of the hidden gems in Luxembourg, without really hearing a lot about these rocks. It is very famous place among mountain bikers, but the whole area is as suitable for a nice run, walk or even a nice picnic with friends & family in the summer as for mountain biking.

The easiest way to get there is to drive up until Stade Jean Jacoby and park there, the red rock paradise starts behind the athletic center.

Thanks for reading,


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