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Dream Loop in Luxembourg #2

Dream Loop – Traumschleife Palmberg Ahn

When last time I wrote about the dream loop in Manternach, I have shared the background of dream loops and their “qualification”.

Luxembourg has currently 3 officially stamped dream loops: one of them is the Traumschleife Palmberg Ahn.

On the weekend, to benefit from the last colorful time of the year we went for a hiking on this wonderful hiking trail in the region of Grevenmacher.

Dream Loop: Traumschleife Palmberg Ahn

Distance: 8.8 km

Time: 3-4 hours

After finishing the trail, we have just realized that we made it from the opposite direction, but this is a round trail, so it did not make a difference.

The trail starts at the church in Ahn and begins with a cute bush labyrinth still in the silent village of Ahn.

Then it leads us to the forest through a vineyard and shortly after we arrive to a nice valley with a little river (Donwerbaach). The whole way next to the river is beautiful with all its little waterfalls.

After this canyon experience we climb up to the “top” and unfortunately it was very windy there, but had a wonderful panorama with all the vineyards around.

The path continues and suddenly everywhere you can see only boxwoods (the English name for Buchsbaum). This is the only place where in Luxembourg in a “natural” way you can find this boxwood. This is widely used as a symbol of life cycle, fertility and love. And probably this is the reason why they call the hill Palmberg.

After this part on the trail a field of orchids was supposed to come, but I believe they are more visible in the spring as we could not see any orchids. A good reason to come back in the spring :).

We have slowly walked down again from the hill and had the stunning panorama of the Mosel Valley with its vineyards everywhere.

The trail ends at the winery of Duhr Fréres, which must be a wonderful place to have a glass of wine in the summer on their nice terrace. It was unfortunately Sunday so we could not try.

In the whole village there are some wineries which I think is a must to try after the 9 km hiking: Winery Jeff Konsbrūck, Winery Duhr Fréres, Winery Domaine Madame Aly Duhr.

I recommend everyone to spend a nice afternoon or morning on this dream loop in this season to still benefit from all the colors of autumn.

If you wish to read my post about the other dream loop in Luxembourg, click on this link:

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