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Dream Loop in Luxembourg #1

Dream Loop – Traumschleife in Manternach

Luxembourg has currently 3 officially stamped dream loops (Traumschleifen) which are basically high-quality hiking trails. High quality in terms of both panorama and surroundings. It is a bit like the Michelin star for a restaurant. There is an official institution stamping the trails when they are qualified to be a dream loop.

I have done some short hiking in Luxembourg so far, but this one is really a dream loop, the whole way has its own special fairy tale atmosphere.

Dream Loop: Manternacher Fiels

Distance: 9.6 km

Time: 3-4 hours

Starting Point: 11, am Burfeld, L-6850 Manternach

We have started the trail at the official starting point in Manternach, there is a cute sign from wood to enter the dream loop. It starts with a nice way next to private farms, heading to a bridge crossing Syre. There is a nice place to relax and stop for a short break after crossing the bridge on the right.

After the little stop the way continues next to a wine hill, with a private wine yard, heading towards the long wall of chalkstones, where the stones are cooling a bit down the temperature. This cool down is needed because as next you need to take 100 stairs to climb up for a nice panorama of Lelliger Plateau.

The trail continues with a beautiful “canyon experience” part next to Schlammbaach, but the trail goes slightly down, which leads to the consequence that you need to climb up again. After climbing up there is a chilling part quite flat half under the sun and in the forest.

Then there are some old stairs to lead us back more or less to the starting part of the trail. At the end of trail there is a book where visitors can write their comments about their experiences.

This is really magical and can only recommend everybody looking for a lovely hiking experience in Luxembourg. Traumschleife in Manternach must be on the bucket lists of those who like to spend time in nature and are fan of nature in Luxembourg.

The other two officially stamped dream loops are still to discover.... :)

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