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Princess Tour: Larochette

There are so many castles in Luxembourg. One of my girlfriends has visited me on the weekend and I let her to pick the destination where she wants to go. I think I would have picked automatically Vianden, the most compelling, as talking about a castle, but her selection was on Larochette.

So after the decision we got on our way to Mullerthal to discover Larochette and the surroundings. Larochette has a very picturesque castle overlooking the tiny town. It was quite easy to park and find the way up to the ruins, starting to walk up at Rue de Mersch and you can spot some stairs on the right which leads you directly to the castle.

The castle has a very calm garden inside and you can explore how the grand families lived here in 14th century. Unfortunately, the castle burnt down in the 16th century and has a ruin only ever since. But some parts were reconstructed to show how the life in the castle could be back in time.

Without the crowd and lot of tourists you can really enjoy exploring a bit around the ruins and have a nice coffee in the garden of the castle.

After our tour in the castle as being in Mullerthal and having perfect weather we could not miss to go for a short hiking. Larochette has some nice trails, but we picked the easiest: a round of 8.8 km in 2-3 hours without any serious up-and-downs. The sign of the trail is L2 and starts on the street: Chemin J-A Zinnen (for more info:

The trail brings us into the forest, where there is also a very small lake with some nice area to make a picnic around.

When you continue the path you can discover a castle and you will question for sure whether somebody is living in this imposing building or not. Of course, I checked since then 😊… but want to also let you to think about it when you pass by.

After the castle you are almost done with half of the trail. It continues back in the forest and leading back to the Larochette Castle but from the other side and then slowly you walk down again to Larochette.

It was a very good day well spent in the nature and discovering a new little treasure in Luxembourg.

The trail was also quite easy, even could be ideal for a run. In Mullerthal there are always places you can discover.

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