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“ONE-WOMAN Show” This is how we run the ING 2020

Most of the sport & running events have been cancelled for 2020. Who could have guessed last year that it is going to happen this year?

Right after the announcement came out with the date of the ING half marathon 2020, I directly signed up. Signing up happens with HUGE enthusiasm, replaying best and worst moments of the previous race in our mind and last but not least setting your goal for next time.

Well, I am not a superhero runner, not with mega speed or huge goals, I just simply like to run. The race, that was supposed to happen tomorrow, meant for me a kind of yearly benchmark exercise and of course a super preparation of the summer body.

Of course, given the circumstances nobody is wishing for a hub of the virus spread or organizing the sport events, however for sure most of us is a bit emotional thinking about this yearly “tradition” and how much none of these are happening.

Most of the runners are not only running because a race is happening, most of us kept running, kept training even after seeing the cancellations after cancellations. Probably we had way more time than ever before that could positively affect our fitness level.

The last weeks & months was a period where most of us had time to work out, go for a run or hike.

I worked out 6 times a week since the very beginning of the quarantine period and I am so happy with it not skipping my planned sessions. I have realized how many excuses I could find before: I am travelling right now, no place in the luggage for training shoes or had a hard day at work or it is too windy outside, you name it. It was all bullshit after all :D. I learnt how much you have to put yourself and your balance at the top of the priority list.

And this is the right thing to do. We have to forget about training for a specific outcome goal be it a time or distance. We have to step back and be thankful to be healthy and just run or do whatever activities feels best for us.

Lately running, hiking and all indoor training shown me couple of things:

  • During running or training I can feel each time a sort of control over the situation, it gives me confidence that I can handle whatever happens. It makes me feel simple STRONG

  • The importance of today: we have to run the km we are in, exactly as we have to focus on today. No matter how fast you have been yesterday and how fast you want to be tomorrow if you skip today, will you really get there?

  • Running & training can always give me gratitude no matter how insane shit is in the world right now. You can be always grateful after a challenging exercise or run, and proud of yourself

Without being too emotional or emphasizing how much I tried to stay fit, I would like to share some tips for running ways for tomorrow in case you decide to have a one-man or one-woman show and go for the 21 km or as I wrote JUST RUN (no matter time or distance):

Beckerich - 21km/ 16km/ 12km/ 6km

In Beckerich you can choose from different distances, special running way is marked by colored turtles.

Hobscheid - 9.2 km

In Hobscheid the official hike trail is perfect for a run, but only if you don`t have claustrophobia as you have to cross a long tunnel.

Eischen - Steinfort - adjustable distance

To run on the cycling path between Eischen and Steinfort is my ultimate favorite as after working hours sunset is guaranteed and not technical run at all.

Saeul - 9.5km/ 5.5km

In Saeul there is a way where you can opt for the longer or shorter distance, both are a bit uphill but worth the effort. The way is marked by colored bunnies.

Larochette - 8 km

In Larochette there is manageable uphill run. This was always a good trail to train for the last etap for the ING where you run slightly up.

Let me know if you tried of the ways or if you have any practical question.

Thanks for reading,


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