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2020 - What Did It Teach Me?

Everyone tries to erase 2020 from memory, not adding to their age and just close it asap. Of course, it was a totally different year than years we were used to before, quoting most people a very shitty one. But when I look back it developed me in so many ways and I am grateful for each of these lessons. If I put everything on balance, for me 2020 is closing with more positive than negative sides.

It`s OK to Slow Down

I used to think that being busy all the time was a badge of honor, as somebody who cares a lot about climbing on all fields up to a certain – quiet high - level and not to see any obstacles to get there (I would not call perfectionism or workaholic, but I was already on the good path towards). I always thought that if I am not on the go to accomplish one point on my to-do-list I am a complete failure on that day or in that moment. This year kind of forced me to slow down and lectured that it is ok to slow down. Although I have still struggle to change my mindset and keep telling myself that if you just relax it is still ok, the world is not going down while you have 5 mins break, you don`t have to accomplish something in every single minute. But I am on a good learning path thanks to 2020. And I am very thankful for this wake-up call that I desperately needed. When I was hopping from one business flight on a Monday to the next, arriving home on Wednesday, full program until end of the week and re-start when clock hits Monday again. It feels like that before we never had a break.

Appreciate What You Have

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but I never believed it. This year we were all forced to stay home, spend more time with our families and make use of what you already have. This might have been hard for some, but for me it was an amazing blessing I am very thankful for. And I learnt that there is really nothing more important than good health in life and be sure your loved ones are well both mentally and physically.

You Learn the Real Character of Other People in Critical Situations

This whole year in my opinion brought out the very best and the very worst in people thus 2020 was an excellent test of character. Some people I have seen rising to the occasion and graciously and selflessly gave of themselves to help others. They are heroes! They tap into their “better angels of their nature”. However, there were many who have tapped into the “darker angels of their nature” trying to use the crisis for personal gain. They have hoarded much-needed supplies or acted in judgmental ways towards others. In my professional field I have seen price-gouging…as never before. The darker parts of themselves were kind of unleashed. A 2020 simulation would be an excellent tool to hire new people to your team, to test your friends` and acquaintances` characters, so you don`t have to wait for a crisis-like situation that they show their real self.

Put Yourself First

I tried to use wisely my newly got time to focus on my health and body as much as I could. I worked out 6 times a week since the very beginning of the quarantine period and I am so happy with not skipping any of sessions. I learnt that it is not only important to focus on your health and fitness goals but to be CONSISTENT. That is the key, the number one rule when you want to really take care of your health and mindfulness. I have realized how many excuses I could find before: I am travelling right now, no place in the luggage for training shoes or had a hard day at work or it is too windy outside, you name it. It was all bullshit after all :D. I learnt how much you must put yourself and your balance at the top of the priority list, so you have your balance all the time and this balance you use throughout the whole day to accomplish things.

My top 6 Lessons Learnt:

- Don`t ignore your dreams – get up, fight and catch them

- Put yourself on the 1st place of your to-do-list & do it consistently. Find your balance, everything goes easier when you are balanced

- Differentiate between “have to” and your “nice to have” wishes

- Cultivate friendships

- Appreciate what you have and your environment

- Help others

I am still looking back on 2020 in a very positive way, despite the facts that:

- me as an expat living in Lux could hardly see my family and part of my friends in Hungary the whole year

- lots of family members had to fight COVID-19 and I could not be there for them to support

-for couple of months I was financially affected, but I didn`t mind as anyhow my spending was lower this year, and I knew the situation can prevent other people losing their job

Well, this is my reflection on 2020. I hope next year we carry over all the good learnings from 2020, the development of good characters, helping each other and gracefulness.

I wish all of You a Happy New Year!!

Thanks for reading,


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