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Let`s Pack: Getaway in Bruges

Where: Belgium

Drive: 3-4 hours

Optimal Stay: 2 days

Bruges is the most romantic cute city that you can find in Belgium but most probably in the great region of Benelux as well. You will feel like in the middle age, getting in the middle of a fairy tale. Waffle, chocolate, Beer lovers!!! We can name Bruges as the perfect place for you for a weekend getaway. Or if you are looking for a perfect romantic surprise weekend for your girlfriend, this is THE PLACE.

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What Can You Do There?

Walking Through The Whole City

Have you seen the movie “In Bruges (2008)” with Colin Farrell and Brendon Gleeson? If not before you plan your trip to Bruges it is a must see movie. You just want to walk on the tiny streets of this beautiful city. You just go and get lost, but don`t worry you will always find your way back. You cannot find any streets which are not cute. A nice walk can be to check out the Chocolate Museum, The Market Square, climbing up the Belfort Tower following the streets heading to 2be Bar with perfect view to the canal where you can select out of hundreds of different Belgian Beers.

Bookable Activities

Horse Drawn Carriage Tour - or also on the Market Square, you can find horse drawn carriages and you can just ask their owner there

Choco Story Museum -

Eat & Drink

Eating Chocolate

For a chocolate lover the tour is well invested, as almost on every corner you can find a chocolate shop. You just need to be careful not to buy everywhere a chocolate because you won`t fit your luggage and clothes anymore. To bring your loved ones Belgian chocolate as a gift is a must from Bruges! My personal favorite shop is Chocolates & Happiness and Gingerbread.

Eating Waffle

Belgium is famous for its waffle. In Bruges you will find waffles everywhere.

Drinking Beer

I am not a beer lover, but in Bruges I have drunk more beer than water, and I think I am not alone. Belgian beers are the best. I prefer to go to 2be Bar, where you can buy hundreds if not thousands of beers and have a chilling drink on the beautiful terrace next to the canal. Bring home beer from here it is also perfect gift.

If you plan to get drunk and wasted with friends, you should check the timing of the annual Beer Festival in Bruges, It is normally organized at end of January, beginning of February every year.


Sad story but I never made to a restaurant here as I was always full with chocolate, waffle, frites, beers…. I wish to go once to one of the beautiful, romantic restaurants on the streets of Bruges…next time!

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