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Amused at Schueberfouer

Without doubt the last 3 weeks was all about Schueberfouer in Luxembourg. Everybody was waiting for a long time for this period to come, everybody was hanging out, having party and most importantly having FUN at Schueberfouer.

Last year I have not been at Schueberfouer a lot because it was in parallel with my long holiday, so I did not really understand the euphoria around it. I thought it is like a normal May fair in September and was a bit skeptical why everybody is so much waiting for it.

This year during the 3 weeks I was in Lux so now I understood the meaning behind the euphoria: every time someone organizes a program with friends & family the first program option coming up is “Let`s go to Schueberfouer!”.

I also became a little camper at the end. I had 5-6 visits this year and do not even want to count how much money I spent on having fun… 😊 BUT it was all well invested!

Tried Our Luck

We have tried some of the winning games. In Hungarian we say when you are able to win something on a fair that it is the so called “vásárfia”. In mirror translation it means the “son of the fair”, anything with which you come home basically. I have got a new UNICORN😊

But we have also tried to win something at this “Camel Game” where you need to compete with camels and it is up on your speed and accuracy how fast your camel runs. This game went without major success, I am not talented, but it is really fun to play.

Tested Almost All Attractions

I have tested some attractions and was pretty satisfied with the choices except for three.

Circus Welt

A carousel is always a must try at any fair, so also at Schueberfouer.


I am not so brave for all these big games to test, I always need to have somebody next to me to motivate, to try one of them. I am not afraid of height but afraid of the fact that once my vest does not keep and I am flying away… 😊

One day I went with a girlfriend who wanted to try one of the big games and overcoming my fear to fly away… I ended up in the first 10 minutes of “Fouer-time” to sit already in one of the seats of Infinity. It was so scary but so good at the same time. It was in the night so from the top we could really see all the lights of the city. It was sooo sooo good!


Being in the mood after the Infinity ride we wanted to also test the XXL. We should have made in reverse order to take XXL to warm up for the Infinity, but was also okay in this order.

One Man Show 2

I always liked this labyrinth kind of games and it reminds me a bit of these inflatable theme parks. You just go inside and need to come over all the obstacles. The only bad thing is you really need to wait a bit until the people in front of you finish.

Spinning Racer

A funny roller coaster, it was good to take a ride.

Carrousel Galopant

The usual dream of all princesses to take one horse on this carousel. Good tip is that if you go with a child you have a perfect excuse to go for a round and nobody will ever question 😊.

Wild Mouse

This roller coaster I did not like, not too fast, not too long, hits you really to the side. It was not my favorite.

Bayern Kurve

This is faster than you think from outside. It is not a surprise that Dumbo looks so skeptical. You need to really keep yourself with hands and all muscles not to fly out. I expected a chilling ride on such a cute round coaster. No…it was the opposite. It was a mistake to underestimate this attraction.

Super Train Fantome

This was my least favorite. There is just nothing inside, complete darkness and at the end there is man scaring you dressed as a gorilla. It was not fun.

I tried to make a photo of the gorilla man after, but the door was not opening and when it opened the gorilla was not there. Maybe he went for lunch break, but believe me he was really there.

Meet People

Schueberfouer offers you the chance not only to meet up with friends but also to meet with famous people such as the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel. What a small country!! I could not miss the opportunity to take a photo with him 😊

Ate it All

Not on one day, but tried all these… Gromperekichelcher, Schnitzel in Kessel, Bami Noodles, waffle …. and churros. Now it is time to go for long runs...

I had so much fun. Now I understand why everybody is so much waiting for Schueberfouer each year.

I am sure you also enjoyed your time at Schueberfouer!

Thanks for reading,


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