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Hungry in Luxembourg - Tailors Concept

A hidden speakeasy bar with live jazz music, cigar lounge & a super tasty steakhouse on the main floor. All in one place.

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At the Tailors Concept, located in Limpertsberg, you can find a restaurant and a speakeasy bar probably unique in Europe. Why?

We were invited by relatives to have a nice dinner in this restaurant recently. I ate a steak. I can state that in Luxembourg it was the best steak I have had so far. I would highly recommend to anybody to try their kitchen. Tailors Concept has an international bistronomic kitchen and also a unique selection of steaks from different parts all around the world. Thanks to their Italian Michelin chef Adriano Baldassare from Rome who is consulting the menu.

After the nice dinner I could not stand to ask about their whole concept as there are some suits in the restaurant and there are mysterious stairs ending up with a door, where you cannot enter unless you know the “code”.

George, the Founder of the Tailors Concept, was kind enough to explain me how he dreamed about the concept and made it come true. The concept that makes this charming place unique in Luxembourg and in Europe.

He created the design and the ideas around the whole Tailors Concept and I have to admit that great attention was paid to the details.

As a guest I got entrance to the speakeasy bar, where you find yourself in a secret bar as back in the 1920s in the U.S.A. Each cocktail got a name from the slang language of the 20’s. The cocktail menu has a little story to tell and every seven months a new one is coming out with another character`s story. So like in a little novel you can read the story when you are a constant guest.

There is a stage where bands and artists are invited to play live music (jazz, blues, funky soul) couple of nights each week. The agenda of artists and bands playing is available on their website and it is better to ensure a place via booking a table, as the bar, in most of the cases, is full.

If I was a whiskey lover, I would say that the cream on the cake (after seeing this super cute and cozy bar) would be the cigar room at the back, where you find a special selection of whiskies as well. But I am not, so I let whiskey and cigar lovers to judge.

Tailors Concept can offer you the service as well of a professional tailor who is coming once per month from London to the location. Guests are welcome to make an appointment with him and order their favorite customized suit.

If you are in the mood to try something new or looking for a place to have a super dinner, drink unique cocktails and listen to jazz in the speakeasy bar don`t hesitate to book a table. You won`t be disappointed.

Follow Tailors Concept on FB or Instagram to know their actual program:

Instagram: @tailors-concept

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(Photos were made by Tailors Concept and are allowed to use in the post)

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