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All About Gastronomy

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Expogast International Trade Show and Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup 2018

Luxexpo hosted this week the Expogast International Trade Show for Gastronomy and the Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup organized by Valel Club Luxembourg.

It was first organized in 1972 and every forth year the show returns and lets the audience to taste the flavor of all the qualified nations and gives the place for the most talented chefs, food artists all over the world to compete. They are presenting their culinary creations over 24 700 m².

I have been already on some gastro weeks and exhibitions, but I have never seen such an impressing, well organized trade show for gastronomy.

I could not believe my eyes, the whole Luxexpo was full of different rooms sharing, showing all about gastronomy. So impressive… you can see fishes laying on an artificial beach, hams hanged all around the ceiling, trees created from all sorts of vegetables and fruits, a quick planted salad garden, fruit carving pieces created by international artists, cheese carving, picture created from rice, sculptures designed from chocolate, special cake masterpieces by artists all over the world, amazing vine selections and tasting options.

Local brands were also represented in a nice corner of Luxexpo. I could meet with more local brands such as Téi vum Séi, Arovo, Aly Duhr, Nuddelfabrik. . I will also pay more attention to buy more local things than before.

Out of all the halls for me the most impressive was the one where all the competing nations had their own table and they could show all the culinary masterpieces, finger foods shared on plates. All of them were so beautiful, that probably I would not even dare to eat them. My personal favorite was the table of Switzerland, they have made a sculpture from chocolate presenting the symbols of their nation.

We were lucky to have a table at the official giant restaurant of the World Cup where we could select which nation`s creations we would like to try.

All the teams published in advance their 3-course menu. My nation to test was Slovenia. I cannot find words…the food was simply amazing. But of course, we have tested also the Hungarian menu, that we could not miss being a Hungarian 😊.

Gourmet Addicts this place is a must to visit!!! You should not miss this experience in 2022. I will make sure to make a new post way in advance, so it will be a good reminder to take the tickets in advance before it is sold out.

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