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The Snowy Fairy Tale: Gérardmer

As the winter is almost here you might look for some magical destinations to spend a nice snowy weekend. Gérardmer is just 3-4 hours drive from here and presents you the ultimate December holiday with snow, lake view, cute Christmas market and skiing options 😊

Last year, the week right before Xmas we have been so lucky to spend some beautiful days at Gérardmer. We have stayed in a big chalet with friends. With the weather we have been extremely lucky. When we were driving it was snowing and in the next days everything was covered with snow.

Although it was not the first snow last year, but I considered this as the first snow in the season.

The previous “snow experiences” were mostly annoying in Luxembourg as they worsened the driving conditions.

The first fall of snow is not only an event, but a kind of magical event every year. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, a fairy tale like.

There is nothing quite as serene as seeing the environment covered in a fresh sheet of snow.

It is simple beautiful and magical: to wake up like that in the mornings it is priceless. And to go outside to walk on snow that nobody else walked on yet.. it makes you feel special in a way 😊

Ok I might have exaggerated here but real snow on a holiday is somehow magical for me. It might be because I have my birthday in winter time, so forgive me 😊

Gérardmer was a perfect place to spend some nice days with friends.

We have made a lot in those days: played snowball fights, rented some sledges and sloped all around, visited the local Xmas market. We drove to the skiing area above Gérardmer and went a whole day for skiing.

One day we have spent in Colmar, which is only 1-hour drive from Gérardmer, but quite full of serpentine so stomachs should be well prepared, no drinks the night before 😊.

Colmar is among the top listed destinations in Europe in all kind of magazines to visit. The whole city was dressed like a Xmas tree. It had such a nice Xmas market. We had to have some mulled wines with my boyfriend and friends.

During the whole holiday we had so much fun: the whole day being on fresh air dressed like Eskimos not to freeze, coming back to the chalet to chill and get warmed up again, eating good in the evenings with friends. Nothing better can someone wish before the official Christmas holiday starts.

If you are looking for a nice winter destination not far from Luxembourg, you can think about Gérardmer.

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