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Little Help - Am Supermarché

I have struggled always to find what I needed in a supermarket and shopping was also time consuming. For this reason I have decided to collect some words which might be useful for anybody in the same shoes and willing to speak a bit of Luxembourgish.

It is true: in lot of supermarkets most people speak French and I am still not good in it unfortunately, but probably you can try to ask for help in Luxembourgish next time when you do your grocery and of course with the condition that in the supermarket they speak Luxembourgish.

Here is a little help 😊

Hi, I would like to have …. (hier comes the word), please. Could you tell me where can I find it?

Moien, ech hätt gär …. (hier comes the word), wann ech gelift. Kënnt Dir weisen wou kann ech fannen?

If they do not understand at least you made them smile 😊

Thanks for reading,


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