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Lëtzebuergesch – Basic Survival Kit

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Basic Words in Luxembourgish.

If you are living abroad you have two choices: 1, integrating as much as you can including learning the language of your new home country or 2, just to stay always with international friends and in international circle and do not care about local habits, people, language. I made the first choice so I started to learn Lëtzebuergesch. If you are also willing to integrate and know the basics in Luxembourgish here you go!!

#learn #luxembourgish

I am writing all in English, German and Luxembourgish as in my opinion Luxembourgish is very similar to German.

It is important that you know I am not a language expert, so if you are preparing for a language exam turn to a language school teaching Luxembourgish.

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