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Let`s Pack: Relaxing in Zeeland

Where: Netherlands

Drive: 3-4 hours

Optimal Stay: 3-5 days

Zeeland is the perfect destination for a long weekend with the aim just to relax, enjoy silence, going to the beach (not to swim), watching amazingly beautiful sunset every day and going for a refreshing run in the mornings. On the next I am not obliged to comment as I don`t have children, but probably with a child would also pick up this destination to travel for a long weekend as for them it is also more or less perfect with the nice beach and silent atmosphere.

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We have stayed in Domburg, in a very cute hotel next to the beach directly, but there are so many beautiful spots in Zeeland that we could see when we went for a long cycling trip.

What Can You Do There?

Laying in the Sun, Not Doing Anything

Today I don`t feel like doing anything… Bruno Mars could continue like that “I just wanna lay on the beach”. Zeeland has so clean beaches, that I have not seen before, so clean. Temperature is perfect in the summer, wind level is also super, you won`t get extremely hot, but you still can get brown.

Watching the Sunsets

You can grab a wine, find a silent spot on the dunes next to the sea and wait for the sunset. Amazing moment.

Panorama Run Along the Sea

Get up early and go for a refreshing run on the dunes next to the sea, beautiful panorama and after that you can try without any bad feeling the pancake house or the local food.

Rent a Bicycle and Go Discover

For example in the middle of Domburg you can rent bicycles on the Weststraat. You can decide how long you want to make your adventure, but there is enough to see. We have made a small tour on the Western side of Zeeland as we were too tired to make also the Eastern part. On the Western part a very nice trip is: Domburg-Aagtekerke-Middelburg-Dishoek-Zoutelande-Westkapelle (Lighthouse) – Domburg – Ostkapelle – Domburg. Yes, when you check on Google Maps this is a lot, but the bicycle was electric… 😊 which I also recommend as there are places where wind is so heavy, you could not cycle one single meter. In the store where you can rent the bicycle they provide you a map (for extra 2-3 Euros) and you can decide which way or round you want to cycle. As everywhere in Netherlands cycling routes are well signed, you won`t get lost.

Middelburg Market & Shopping

Middelburg is such a beautiful spot with the main square and main street. We had luck going there exactly when they have the food market. The food market is the biggest food market in the region, hold on every Thursday. You should think about planning your visit for that day, but go hungry. There are also lot of boutiques where you can buy clothes.

Trying Different Beaches

There are so many beautiful beaches, more hidden and more touristic. Some of them are Domburg, Westkapelle and many next to Zoutelande.

Don`t Miss

Domburg Strand

NJHC Herberg Kasteel Westhove (it is functioning as a hotel, but you can have a drink, it is surrounded with a nice park)

Lighthouse at Westkapelle

Middelburg Market

Eat & Drink

Eat Pancakes and Stroopwafel

As being in the Netherlands pancakes and Stroopwafel are must have. You will find lot of places where you can eat these.

Restaurant de Domburger

Funny name by the owner, which also attracted us, and we were not disappointed by the burgers they make.

Drink at the Beach Bars

There are many beach bars, in the evening it is a good idea to go for a last drink in one of them, probably you can also connect to watching the sunset. From the bars don`t expect to much vibes, the feeling in Zeeland is more relaxed and silent even in bars.

I hope you will enjoy your time in Zeeland.

Thanks for reading,


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