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De Superjhemp Retörns

We have just watched yesterday De Superjhemp Retörns. The movie about which everybody talks these days in Luxembourg :)

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Who is Superjhemp?

He is a comic superhero created by Roger Leiner and Lucien Czuga. He tries to save the little Luxusbuerg from a huge catastrophe… To respect the golden rule with movies I don`t want to give any spoiler with the story, you should just go and watch it.

For me it was very special to watch the movie, as for almost 2 years I am living in Luxembourg, but I have never seen a movie in Luxembourgish language. It is not because I was not interested, but because it is so-so rare that a movie comes out in Luxembourg: with Luxembourgish actors, filmed in Luxembourg, of course not to mention the superhero itself: Superjhemp.

I would not say that what the movie represents is a mirror of Luxembourg, because at the end this is not how Luxembourg fully is. But I think the intention behind was just to create a Luxembourgish superhero movie with some fun and with the well-known icon in Luxembourg: Superjhemp.

I was particularly proud that I could catch some of the phrases and already kind of local word jokes. And very happy that I could understood the whole movie fully in Luxembourgish.

As an interesting fact the comic books about Superjhemp are the most sold books in Luxembourgish with more than 300,000 copies.

Last weekend when I was walking in the city centre Ernster, the book store, had their full display window with all the comic books, lexicon about Superjhemp. It is an easy way to learn Luxembourgish to read one of these comic books. So you should go and get your copy soon!

You can also order online here:

You can check a bit also on the internet: there are lot of events in cinemas where they make kind of "cake and movie” nights to watch Superjhemp.

I really liked it :)

Thanks for reading,


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