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Aurelux – App to Master Your Luxembourgish

Luxembourgish is not easy to learn at all. The language is just spoken by local people and many expats or cross-borders do not even try to learn, because they succeed with French and German in every day`s life.

My situation is quite different. My boyfriend is Luxembourgish and I wanted to learn Luxembourgish to be able to participate in conversations with his friends and family and in general just to integrate more. He is helping me a lot with the language learning and all the conversations with the friends helped me to learn and practice the language.

However, in the last weeks I got to know a mobile application which helps the eager students to master their Luxembourgish language skills. The app is called Aurelux, very easy to download from App Center.

When I say Luxembourgish is hard to learn I mean for example that google translate does not really work for the language (at basic level yes, but nothing more), there are confusions how a word is written correctly as many people are writing them differently.

Many times, I met a good Luxembourgish book, the basic language, from which it teaches you, is French. So, what if somebody does not speak French but would like to learn? There are not much good quality sources to learn Luxembourgish.

Aurelux is really a quality source to start with Luxembourgish or master the language. It is not a wonder that more than 15,000 people downloaded already and using it to learn Luxembourgish. The app is TipTop!!!

You can even select out of 7 languages (EN, FR, DE, PT, IT, ES, AR) what you want to apply as the base language for your learning experience.

There is a super dictionary in the app itself (which is really a quality dictionary).

Through its lessons, games and exercises, Aurelux allows you to learn Luxembourgish in a structured and playful manner. All lessons consist of two parts: first is to learn grammar and the second it to improve vocabulary.

There is also a chat interface where you can write to a “robot” and a professional Luxembourgish teacher answers your question to support you.

Currently there are 15 lessons in the app, but all together 15 more are planned along with 28 new games (which are currently under development).

I had the chance to talk to Julien (co-founder of Aurelux) and he shared that his inspiration to develop the app was to help his girlfriend to learn Luxembourgish.

If you are willing to learn the language give a try to the app and download.

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